Workout – Mon 19th

By Dave 0

So not only am I back from holidays, so is the internet guy – apologies for the lack of updates!

By all accounts people were hitting PR’s and Conor was more than happy with the work done – great stuff everyone!

This week we are starting another 4 week cycle (that will be two, back to back) – I will write up about this in detail in the coming days but at the end of the 4 weeks we will be looking to test a few lifts for singles and also run one or two conditioning workouts that we will repeat and track progress on over the coming months. So again, testing should be Saturday 14th of April – it will also give us an idea of how far (or near) we are to those 2012 goals we wrote on the board a couple of months back!


The internet department hard at work


Mixed Class


A. Squat build up to 5RM -> 90% 4 x 5

B1. KB Swing 20-18-15-10
B2. Renegade Row 10/10 – 8/8 – 6/6 – 5/5

author: Dave