frequently asked questions

  • Do I need to get into shape before I start?

    This is a common misconception. No need, we cater for all levels. For (complete) beginners, we have  the fundamentals classes or else advise some PT sessions if the class times don’t suit. This is something I saw all the time with Martial Arts, people would feel the need to ‘get fit’ before trying the class but this almost always led to folks not training at all. The best way to get fit is to jump in and get started as soon as possible!

  • Is this not a little expensive?

    We are not a standard gym. We actually want our members to turn up and maintain the gyms record of getting results. You will not be left to your own devices, you will be coached each session and movements and workouts will be tailored depending on your needs – its the closest thing to personal coaching but with the advantages of being in a group setting, such as great atmosphere and plenty of encouragement. If you are to break things down, each class works out a lot less than your average bootcamp class, where there is no coaching whatsoever, just shouting and chaos. And lots of jumping jacks.

  • Is this Crossfit?

    Although our the majority of our coaches carry numerous Crossfit certifications, we are not a Crossfit gym or affiliate. Our programming is a little less random and more linear – we find this the best way to improve. To spend time exposed to a movement instead of touching base once every few months. Like Crossfit, we use powerlifting, olympic lifting, gymnastics, kettlebells, calisthenics and plyometrics but we follow specific training protocols and work within training cycles.

  • Will I get big and bulky?

    You will not get big and bulky. Toning is essentially burning fat and building muscle, our sessions are ideal for this. Nothing will get you in shape quicker than getting stronger and lifting weights. In order to get ‘big’ or ‘bulky’ diet would have to be manipulated. And like nearly any training goal, diet is vital and if I were to put a number out there like so many coaches do, lets say 80%. It gives 80% of all results. Most guys have a hard time putting on weight and muscle and naturally they are a lot more predisposed to doing so than women. Which leads me to the next question…

  • Will I put on size?

    Yes but it is down to many other factors outside of the sessions. What is your diet like? Diet is vital (see above). If you are looking to put on size, not only do you need to lift heavy, you need to be in a caloric surplus, meaning taking in more calories than you are burning. All guys trying to put on size or who are underweight are not eating enough. Its not rocket science. Training hard, resting, eating big (but not sloppy) and sleeping well. Get this in order and you will put on size.

  • Who comes to SDSC?

    Everyone. We have people from all backgrounds, those that are involved in competitive sports (from amateur to professional level) and then people just looking to get in shape. All workouts are scaled to suit each individual. That is the great thing about the gym, people from all backgrounds can train together and we have built up a great atmosphere and camaraderie by doing things this way.

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