It’s Christmas! (also known as ‘let-yourself-go-month’)

By Dave 4

So I presume most people know Christmas is around the corner – judging by the attendances in the past week or so this seems to be a given.

I see this every December. I have been in this game for 8 years now and sure as night follows day, slacking follows December the 1st. Unlike most, I don’t suffer from yearly amnesia and others become surprised by my lack of surprise when they eventually return to me after somehow putting on a stone (or more) over the Christmas holidays as if it was some type of accident (an accident which in fact almost amounted to 6 weeks of eating shit and doing sod all training).

You don’t have to live your life like a hermit or a saint but does it not make perfect sense to balance all those pints and mince pies with a renewed push in your training – or at the very least continue to train??

Think about it like credits in a bank. You can’t keep withdrawing all the time, you need to put something back. December is a time when people withdraw those credits the most (were still talking about hypothetical credits here). You cant keep withdrawing and not expect consequences, you need to make a deposit too. Training is your deposit.

Some of this lax attitude could be due to lack of standing orders and set payments. It is passing the first week of December so people are now thinking ‘Ah, I’ll let December pass and start again in the new year’. This is a losers attitude (no, I’m not sorry). This is the attitude that has you in a spot where you aren’t happy with where you are right now. It is no surprise that the people that are turning up to train in these cold mornings and evenings are the best performers and have made the most gains in the last 12 months.


I can relate to this guy, I really can...


Be like the herd. Leave it to January, then have 2 solid weeks of training, burn out and then ‘ah, Ill wait till after Paddy’s Day, Easter, my mates wedding etc. and start again’ blah blah blah That’s all I hear at this stage. I invest FAR too much energy at this stage to just switch off and pick up again whenever it suits some folks. If you’re not bothered enough to even turn up to train consistently, Im not bothered to invest the time and energy to coach you.

This may have offended you and if it does, then you need to take a hard look at yourself and see where your priorities lie – although I get a feeling that the only people reading this will be the folks that turn up regularly anyway. And to the folks that do train regularly (you know who you are!) it is you guys that keep me inspired and motivated to be the best coach I can be – thank you!

If you are serious about your training, see you during the week.


author: Dave