Fri 29th – deload week is nearly over!

By Dave 0

So the emphasis this week was on keeping the body moving, working on mobility and stretching out any stiffness from the previous 4 weeks. We could opt to keep the foot on the gas and trying to PR every week but this is a sure fire way to burn out. Every so often we need a chance to recover and let the body come back stronger and re-start the cycle again.

So, 2 days left before we start working into a new cycle (more info on that to follow), use the last couple of sessions to stretch, mobilise and recover. Workouts will be posted in the class but remember folks, no going 100% today or tomorrow! The aim is not to fail on any lift this week – or there will be consequences!

Here are a couple of go-to stretches for me and ones we have been using – it would do no harm to work these in to a daily routine or at least work on them before class starts (there should be plenty of space!)

author: Dave