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Renaissance Periodization Seminar Review

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This weekend just gone we had the privilege of hosting DR. Mike Israetel, Dr. James Hoffman and Dr. Melissa Davis from Renaissance Periodization for a seminar on Sports Nutrition and Recovery. The seminar was over two days and the level of information was second to none. I have attended numerous sem...


Personal Trainer Collective Conference Review

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So I am just back from a weekend in the UK, where Jason, Sarah and myself attended the 2016 Personal Trainer Collective Conference. What initially piqued my interest in this conference was not only the broad range of topics being discussed but also the calibre of professionals that were delivering t...


Body fat percentage and caliper readings

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Recently, members in the gym took part in a body composition challenge – I loathe these challenges for numerous reasons but members lap them up and over the years I have set the tone of the challenge as being a spring board to implement realistic and sustainable changes over the LONG TERM with the a...


Dealing with temptation on a clean diet

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Another great guest post from Cormac… In a previous blog post I listed an example of what I eat on a daily basis. It is clearly a lot of food (for a human at least). Because of that, I can expect to spend about 1 hour and 30 minutes a day preparing food, and about 3 hours a week making trips t...


The Benefits of Fish Oil

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The recent nutrition talk went well but it probably opened the door for more questions. What I ultimately wanted to get across is that there is no one correct way to manage your diet. I also wanted to put across the idea of self awareness and that no two people are alike and will respond differently...