Workout Wed 31st July

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So, this was yesterday’s workout… The reasoning behind the delayed post was that I felt as though some folks may be cherry-picking the workouts a little, but I think it is just time of year!! Anyway, serious work and progress from the brave souls that did make it to the gym!

Team Tuesday 30th July

In teams of 3…

Target is 10k on the Skierg.
P1: 250m ski (the ‘pace setter’)
P2. * Bearhug Slamball Hold
P3: Rest

* From 5000m -> 2500m P2 performs RKC Plank // From 2500m -> 0 P2 Rests



Workout Wed 31st 

A. Bench Press 3 x 3 (add weight on last week or increase total weight across all sets)
B1. Chin Up Progressions x 3 sets; 1min rest
B2. Kneeling DB Press 3 x 12; 1min rest (pressing with both arms at the same time)
B3. ISO Band Pullaparts 3 x 10; 90sec rest
C1. Plate Front Raise 3 x 12; 1min rest
C2. DB Lat Raise 3 x 12; 1min rest
D. Band Pushdowns x 100

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