Workout Tue 9th July

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Team Tuesday 

We have this Tuesday classic…

Team Workout…

In teams of 4 or 5
Row 40mins for max distance
* every 4 minutes EVERYONE performs 8 Burpees (even the person rowing at that time)

Individual Workout…

Every 4th minute (for 40minutes / 10 rounds) perform…
400m Row + 8 Burpees


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PUSH – HINGE – PULL. . 🚣‍♀️ 🚣‍♀️ 🚣‍♀️ . I’ve talked about this before but this is the ideal sequence for each phase of the row – the Drive and the Recovery or rather how to get from the Catch (start of the drive) to the Finish (end of the drive) and visa-versa. . Initially there is a PUSH with the legs to initiate the Drive. Often times people will always start with a PULL of the arms and this is where the correct sequencing breaks down (as in the second video ❌). From the PUSH (core and back engaged) there is a subtle HINGE from the hips and this then places us in a position to use the arms efficiently where we finish with a PULL. . On the Recovery we run through the same sequence here – a PUSH with the arms, a slight HINGE forward from the hips and then from there we PULL ourselves back to the Catch position with the use of our hamstrings (and not our hip flexors / straps on our feet). The sequence is generally more defined and easier to see on the Recovery as we are not working or under pressure here to any real degree. . Another way to see if your sequencing is on track is to see if the chain is moving horizontally, in a straight line. If you have to scoop up over your knees at any stage, the order of the PUSH | HINGE | PULL is off. . As with any barbell work, start at a low intensity and start layering on intensity once the timing and technique becomes consistent 👍🏻 . . . * full disclosure I have never rowed on the water but have spent an (un)healthy amount of time pretending to row on land 👌🏻 I still need to find a filter to hide tan-lines as well 🙈

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