Workout Mon 8th July 2019

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This is the start of a new strength cycle. As with every cycle here, Monday is our Squat day, Wednesday is upper push (Bench) and Friday, Deadlift. We use percentages as a guide but there is leeway and discretion used here with the coaches in the gym – the advantage of getting to see folks train regularly and observe how they are moving in their warmups.

This week is focusing on bracing and alignment (technique), the volume is higher, generally 5×5 on the big lifts and in / around 70-75% depending on the lift.


90/90 breathing drills

A. Single Leg Glute Bridge 3 x 30sec each side
(* checking for ability to recruit glutes here)
B. Squat 5 x 5 @70-75%
C1. Pendlay Row 3-4 x 8; 1min rest
C2. (Hanging) Knee Raise / RKC Plank x 3 sets
(* bracing and neutral hips)

Soem pointers on bracing and breathing for the Squat.

The beginning of a cycle is the ideal time to focus on technique and pick something to work on – most folks make the mistake of trying something new when they are going heavy or looking to PR. Don’t bombard yourself with multiple things – pick one thing (ask the coach) and focus on that. Overtime by incrementally making these adjustments, you should see big improvements.


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