Workout Mon 22nd July

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A bit of a break for Sarah’s wedding but back to work today!













Warm Up:
90 90 Breathing

A. Single Leg Glute Bridge 2-3 x 30sec each leg
B. Squat 5-3 x 3 @80-85% 1RM; 3-4min rest
*building on last week, 3-5 sets depending on fatigue – ideally same weigh across ALL sets, NOT build up to a 3RM
C1. Press 3 x 10; 1min rest
C2. Pendlay Row 3 x 6; 1min rest
C3. Weighted Static Deadbug 3 x 30sec; 1-2min rest
(optional D: DB External Rotation 2 x 10/10 @10% bench 1RM)

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