Workout Mon 19th Aug

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A. Pause Squat 3 x 5 @65%1rm; 3min rest
B1. Pendlay Row 4 x 5; 1min rest
B2. Glute Bridge Single Arm Bench Press 4 x 10/10; 90sec rest
C1. KB Banded Glute March 3 x 10/10; 20sec rest
C1. Weighted Carries (BearHug / Suitcase); 20sec rest
C2. Band Pullaparts 3 x 15; 1min rest

Pause Squats

They are great strength builders but also help with mobility, body awareness and improving technique. Getting a ‘feel’ for the end range can be a game changer for some people and present that ‘light bulb’ moment for a lot of folks.

Subtle things to watch out for (from a coaching point of view too)…

  • The ‘sinker’ – when there is no real pause but a subtle continuation of the eccentric phase of the lift.
  • The ‘bobbler’ – no real pause just the tiniest oscillations to help with the change of direction.
  • The ‘rebounder’ – that mini drop to try generate a quick stretch-shorten component to get things moving.
  • And of course the ‘insurgent’ – the person that doesn’t pause at all

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