Wed 21st Aug

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Workout (Wednesday) 

A. Pause Bench 3 x 5 @60-65% of 1rm; 3min rest (2sec pause on chest)
B1. Barbell Inverted Row 3 x 8-12; 1min rest
B2. Single Leg DL 3 x 5/5; 1min rest
C1. Hanging Knee Raise 3 x 12; 30sec rest
C2. Ab Roll outs 3 x 5-10 /or/ RKC Plank 3 x 45sec; 1min rest
D. DB External Rotation 3 x 10/10 @10% Bench 1rm
Workout (Team Tuesday) 

‘Rowing Blind’
Teams of 5 – race to 10,000m.
* Monitor cables were switched, so each team was looking at each others monitor – penalty (10 burpees for EVERY team member) if you look at the other monitor.

The Setup…

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