Thank You

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This post is probably a few days late but I have been running around like a headless chicken cleaning the gym, writing up diet plans and getting classes and sessions set for the coming weeks. Firstly I just want to say a huge THANK YOU to everyone that has brought friends down, to the new folks that have signed up an of course to our loyal regulars who have supported the gym from the start and continually make it a pleasure to do my job. We are almost a year in the new location (time flies!) and it is down to you guys supporting our community.

In the past fortnight alone the gym numbers have increased by almost 50%. This has not only given me a huge amount of motivation but it has been a great boost of energy for the place and it definitely bodes well for the future of the gym and this type of growth will allow the gym to expand and evolve over time. I know some folks may see such an increase as a bad thing but as the numbers increase, the gym will grow – already there is a new Monday evening class at 8pm and over time more classes will be added, along with more equipment brought in. So if you know anyone that is looking to get fit and you think they would be suited to the gym (in attitude not fitness level, we can work on that!) please bring them down or have them get in touch.


The start of another sunny week and the gym is ready!


I want the gym to be a place where everyone can work hard, reach their goals and enjoy the process. It is a challenge to keep everyone on track but it is something I enjoy doing. I am constantly looking to incorporate new ideas into the gym and the classes and often meet up with Conor to see how everyone is progressing and what can be done to ensure everyone continues to progress and not stagnate. It is our aim to ensure you guys reach your goals as quickly and safely as possible and have plenty of fun along the way.

In order to provide the best service / experience possible, I will be leaving a questionnaire in the gym where folks can fill in some info regarding their current goals and also any suggestions for making your experience at SDSC as rewarding and enjoyable as possible – every goal and opinion is valued!

Also, please feel free to leave a comment below and give us some input into any changes you would like to see in the gym (forget about asking for less burpees!)

– Dave

author: Dave