Technique Thursday – 15th

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So after the Team Workout on Tuesday I was having a think about a bit of a technical reset on the ergs… Team Tuesdays are great fun and an excellent way to get the heart rate up but as there are various levels in the group, it can be hard to address technical issues under high intensity.

I have talked in the past about choosing technically lower or at least ‘safer’ movements for our conditions sessions for this very reason – minimising the risk of injury under fatigue. There are levels to the ergs (non-danger-to-oneself / competent to expert) and of course we want everyone to be using as pristine and efficient technique as possible every time they use one of the machines.

This evenings classes will be more of a focus on technique and understanding the details of different Drag Factors, Damper settings and how they will relate to stroke rate etc.

It will also be a chance for folks to work at an aerobic effort and ideal for recovery and also developing that endurance foundation.

I am not going to post the workout – if you are following along outside of the gym just elect to do some low intensity cardio for 45 minutes.


The session this evening will involve the rowing machine and skierg, looking at the catch and finish position on both machines and using accessory exercises to enforce the correct positions and movement patterns.

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