Team Tuesday 16th July

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No matter how tough the workouts are, there is always that sense of achievement (and maybe relief) when they are over!

Team Triathlon 

In teams of 5 (for max distance)…
15 mins Skierg
15 mins Row
15 mins Bikeerg

* every time a person comes off a machine, they must perform 3 Burpees as fast as possible and THEN when they are done, the next person can go.

As an aside, people (generally other coaches) get very precious about burpees being prescribed in workouts. Here the range may be decreased depending on the individual. Other than that I don’t really give a fuck what other coaches think. We know our people here and I am looking for something to spike the individuals heart rate as soon as they come off a machine, and a couple of burpees would be less incriminating than smacking someone in the face. And finally, if there are no injuries present and if you are so brittle that you risk jeopardising your health and safety by performing 3 repetitions in a row, you could just be too delicate to force any measurable or lasting training response at all. My 2 cents… 

Individual Workout

2k Skierg
2k Row
4k Bikeerg
(for time)

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