Strength Classes added to the timetable!

By Dave 0

As of tomorrow, the 25th of June there are 3 new Strength classes added to the timetable.

**These classes will be on Mondays and Wednesdays at 6 o’clock and Saturdays at 11 o’clock**

We are getting more athletes heavily involved in other sports and a program based around general fitness will only get these athletes so far. We want to deliver the best possible service and in order to do so we have added more specific classes to our timetable. These classes will be more beneficial to field athletes and suited to work in conjunction with sports specific training carried on outside of the gym with their teams.

Also the timing of these classes are perfect for most folks as it is pre season – a time which should be used to build absolute strength (the starting point and foundation to build upon in order to enhance sports performance). These classes will also feature more mobility and prehab work so that injuries and imbalances from the past season can be addressed and athletes can be at a more advanced starting point, with stronger foundations for the coming season.


Laying the ground work for a strong season


These classes will also be beneficial for current members the gym. The classes will focus on the big compound movements (such as Squats, Deadlifts, Presses, Cleans, Chins) and at least 2 of these per class. Other accessory work will also be performed – there will be less conditioning work due to the fact that traditionally most field athletes spend this time getting run into the ground and we don’t want to throw more energy systems training on top of this and have athletes burnt out as the season is starting off – which unfortunately is all too common in amateur sports where people think more is better. I remember this approach myself – Bray Wanderers under 17’s had the most punishing pre-season in my memory, I still get nightmare flash backs every time I am out that direction!

Our aim is to provide an additional service for athletes that want any imbalance or weak link tightened up and increase strength and power so that they can endure a long season and help express their skills to the best of their ability.

So these classes will aimed towards athletes involved in any sports – particularly field sports & track athletes but will still be beneficial for current members. If you are invloved in Rugby, Football, GAA, Basketball, Running, Triathlons, Boxing and Martial Arts or any other sports,  these classes will complement your training. Contact us for more information or how these classes will help your sports performance.

Ask myself or Conor for more details or else jump in and try it out!

author: Dave