SDSC Body Composition Challenge

By Dave 0

Folks, quick heads up – just to keep things interesting and to hit the ground running at the start of the year – we are going to run a 28 day body composition challenge. At this point I would like to thank James at Revolution Fitness for the great idea.

The challenge will be simple – basically the person that loses the most (relative) body fat % over the 28 days wins. To make the contest interesting, it is €20 to enter (must be paid by January 14th) and  the winner of the competition wins ALL of the prize pot.

The challenge will start on Monday 14th January and will run up to February the 11th.

It is a bit of friendly competition where everyone that enters will benefit – there will be no losers!

Also there will be a starter / info pack available for collection from Monday 14th that will help keep you on track for the 28 days. At the end of the challenge (Monday the 14th) the final measurements will be taken.

In order to take part you must be willing to do the following;

  1. Agree to calliper measurements and tape measurements
  2. Agree to before and after photos
  3. Photos and testimonials are requested upon completing the challenge

The winner will be the person that improves body composition the most, relative to their initial measurements.

This challenge is open to ALL members of SDSC, online clients and also non-members. If folks want to take advantage of a diet consult prior to the competition, that is allowed – although some diet information in the starter pack will be provided. MMA weight cutting tactics are not allowed! 🙂

A newsletter will be sent out with more information tomorrow and there will be a sign in sheet at the gym. If you have any more questions, or if you want to sign up, please contact [email protected]

It is a good chance to make yourself accountable and start 2013 with a bang!

author: Dave