New Class – SDSC 101

By Dave 0

Folks, quick announcement, Its been a long day so I’ll run through this quickly and go into more detail over the coming days…

There will be a few exciting changes to the gym in the coming months. The gym has been an organic process from day one, most of you are aware of how it all came into being (a lot of you were there from the start) and there has been a steady growth in the following 2 years. The coming changes will ensure that the gym will continue to grow in a sustainable manner and that we can provide the best coaching service for you guys – something that we feel SDSC separates itself from the numerous surrounding gyms and we want to keep it that way.

Most of these changes will be announced in the new year but after this evening I have decided that one change will be happening from next week. From Tuesday 11th December at 6pm there will be an SDSC 101 class. This class will be on every Tuesday and Thursday at 6 and it will also be replacing the 11am Strength class on Saturday.

This new class will be the perfect entry point for new members looking to join the gym. Currently the Fundamentals class has gone beyond a Fundamentals level – when we have girls in this class deadlifting 130kg easily its unfair to throw beginners in at this level. Fundamentals will now become S&C 2.

At the end of the day I am a perfectionist and I absolutely demand the highest standard from my own coaching and I know that there has been times throughout the year that I have lost potential members as there has been no specific entry point for them and it has been a case of sink or swim and it is very frustrating for me to see this play out.

The new SDSC 101 classes will be a great chance to learn the common movements that we perform in the gym, it will be a chance for new folks to get more individual attention from the coaches and give the coaches a chance to examine movement patterns of every new member. Also it is an ideal opportunity to perform scaled conditioning blocks under no (peer) pressure and, as importantly, it will give new members a chance to get to know the SDSC training philosophy and why we do what we do – this is vital for long term compliance and success.

On a side note, I know some of you may be put out by this change to the timetable on Saturday but the numbers were too low for the 11am class to keep it going. We may run another Strength class on a Saturday once the demand returns.

So from this point, any new members looking to join the gym or try an intro session must train at Tuesday or Thursday at 6 o’clock or else Saturday at 11am, there are no exceptions, in the words of OPT, ‘that’s the price if admission’. Once a level of strength and general fitness is built – along with consistency in performing the movements, the individual will be recommended to join either the S&C 1 or S&C 2 class. This process can take a fortnight or it can take months, it is entirely dependant on the individual and in some cases, the individual may wish to stay in these classes – and that is perfectly fine too, there will be no pressure from anyone to move out of a class if it doesn’t suit.

These classes will be on a sign in / check in basis, where by the individual must give 24hours notice that they will be attending.

If these times don’t suit, 5 personal training sessions can be bought with one of the SDSC coaches and these will be 5 45 minute sessions for €200.

If anyone has any more queries regarding these changes please contact Dave at [email protected] or 086 8649732

In order for the gym to grow and move forward and give everyone the training that best suits their level, this step is necessary and it also gives the coaches a great chance to spend more time with newer individuals and plan the best way for them to achieve their goals in the most suitable and safest way possible.

Thanks for your continued support,

author: Dave