Mon 6th Jan

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Happy New Year!! We are back on the start of a new cycle to coincide with the Body Composition Challenge. Expect to see slightly higher volume over the next few weeks. We will also be looking to work on some specific progressions in the conditioning sessions for the folks going down to the rowing championships in Limerick.


A. Single Leg Glute Bridge 2 x 30sec
B. Squat 5 x 5; 2-3 min rest
guys 5,3,5,3,5
girls 8,5,8,5,8
C1. DB RDL 3 x 10; 1min rest
C2. DB Row 3 x 12/12; 1min rest
C3. Facepulls 3 x 15; 1min rest
D. RKC or Weighted Plank 2 x 45sec

* Remember the intensity for C comes in the weight selection, not going through the 3 rounds as quickly as possible! If you are jumping straight into the next movement, you didn’t go heavy enough on the previous one! 

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