Merry Christmas!

By Dave 0

I just want to take this moment to wish all members a Happy Christmas, everyone that has been in the gym at some stage over the past 12 months – and a HUGE THANK YOU to everyone but especially the regulars, you guys know who you are. It has been a great year and in the coming days I will post up a longer review but for now I hope everyone enjoys the next few days off.


This time last year...


And briefly on that subject, a few people have been asking what they should do over the next couple of days – my advice would be to do as little as possible! Enjoy the time off, both physically and mentally, switch off from training. Use the time to recharge – the folks that have been asking for workout suggestions are the folks that have been training for nearly 12months straight (the rest of you refer to my ‘rant’ earlier in the month).

If you feel you must do something, have a look at these videos (the whole mobility wod site is worth looking at – if you have any problem areas, search for them and you will get a tonne of videos to help you out).



And another useful Kelly Starrett link for yout triceps here.

…also a couple of vids from Ido Portal



Some mobility work, stretching, relaxing, enjoying the few days off will be the best thing that you can do as I know you guys will be back in the gym asap giving it 100%.

Merry Christmas!

author: Dave