Matt Wichlinski Seminar – Sat 4th Aug

By Dave 0

This seminar is fast approaching guys and the price is only €100 until the 21st of July and then it goes up to €140 – so book your spot early – contact us here.


TSS Seminar Outline…

Comprehensive joint mobility
– Enhance your health, vitality and longevity by safely mobilizing your body and increasing your functionality

Athletic agility
– Joint mobility and flexibility on steroids

Bodyweight strength progressions
– Learn how to planche, muscle up, lever and handstand

Kettlebell learning progressions, beyond swings
– Dramatically increase your work capacity with snatches and clean & jerks and discover why kettlebells are a superior tool for maximal power endurance

Olympic weightlifting training
– Optimize power and athleticism with classic weightlifting

Here are links to Matt’s current and older blogs.

And a video of Matt and his athletes in action…

Just to underline, this workshop will be aimed at ALL LEVELS and it is an amazing opportunity to learn from an internationally renowned coach – here are a few words from the man himself

This course is presented in a fun and relaxed setting, yet the work can be brutally demanding. You will not be required to train outside of your current ability for safety reasons, but you will be encouraged to learn new efficient techniques and progressions that will skyrocket your current ability to the next level. I have no doubt you are going to love this workshop.

Click here to book your spot now so as not to miss out – this workshop will be capped to 15 people so as to ensure the best coaching possible.

author: Dave