Classes next week – Tue, Wed and Thur 7 – 8pm

By Dave 0

Ok folks, quick announcement, it’s not as last minute as I’d like but it’ll have to do …

As you know I’m gone until the 6th of September, soaking up the knowledge (and sunlight) in Arizona at the OPT modules. Thankfully I have two quality coaches that will step in and provide a nice contrast from my never ending sarcasm and quality ipod playlists.

First in on the action is Colin, whom some of you met last Tuesday. Colin is a great coach and specialises in Kettlebell training, although saying this does him a disservice as he knows plenty about other training modalities.

Colin will be taking the GPP classes on Tuesday 30th and Thursday 1st at 7 – 8. I know it’s only two classes but I am fully expecting to see the best looking kettlebell swings I have ever seen when I get back – no pressure…

I’ll announce the second stand in coach, who will be taking the Wednesday class, tomorrow!

author: Dave