Workouts – Dec 30th

By Dave 0

SDSC Workout

A. Front Squat 3 x 5; 3mins rest

B. Chins 2 x max

then 4 rounds of:
2H KB Swing 4 x 12
Renegade Row 4 x 12/12
Weighted Sit Up 4 x 12
*Rest while partner is working



Equipment Free Workout

Hill Sprints!

Find a steep hill that will take about 20seconds to get to the top of, running at 100% – or else sprint for 20seconds and then put a marker at the end point. Walk back to the start and repeat. Go for at least 10 rounds.

* This should not be a workout where you feel tired by the last couple of rounds. You should be tired after the first couple of rounds and by the 4th, that voice in your head should be pleading with you to cut the workout short (but dont!) – thats when you know you’re doing this right.

author: Dave