Testimonial – Michelle

By Dave 0

To bring in the New Year we ran a competition where we gave someone an opportunity to kick start their resolutions with a free months training at SDSC. Michelle reached out explaining why she wanted to take advantage of this opportunity and we agreed to get her on board.

We have been thrilled with her progress for the duration of the month. She has been a great addition to the gym, enthusiastic and improving quickly (no coincidence the two go hand in hand!) and we are delighted that Michelle has enjoyed her month so much that she has decided to continue training with us!

Here are a few words from Michelle…

It’s been a great month of training and now I’m hooked! In a whole month of sessions, no session was the same, which keeps things interesting yet at the same time I was building on my technique.

There is such an approachable and supportive atmosphere, not just thanks to Dave or Connor but the other members too. Everyone is in it together. No one pretends that the tough conditioning sessions are easy, which really helps you to push yourself.

Dave is great at noticing very minute details in your movements and how to correct them, which is vital really, and something I never gotten when training on a standard gym floor or in a class. In other gyms you are just another direct debit but here your name goes on the board and you know that Dave wants to see you improve.

It a great way to be motivated in that you are competing with yourself, since everyone is coming at it from different levels of activity, strength and weight.

I had done weight training in my old gym but always went to the women only area, since I found the men’s floor a bit intimidating, but that had limited how heavy I could go, plus I trained solo.

So this experience has been great, I’ve gotten stronger, I’m lifting much heavier and surprising myself too. Diet-wise, not only does it help to be answerable to someone who knows their stuff; but after a tough session you think twice about what you are gonna eat. One beer is about 4 impossible minutes of agony on the Aerodyne!

I’ve always wanted to do this type of training and I hope I can continue it and make it a consistent part of my life.

Michelle battling with the dreaded Airdyne!

author: Dave