New Class Structure

By Dave 0

So here I am at midnight on a Friday, living the dream! But being entirely honest I am pretty excited about this update. It hit me like an epiphany while I was driving the car during the week. It is one of the many puzzles of being a gym owner – trying to figure out a timetable and structure that will suit the gym and everyone in it but I think I have found a format that will bring SDSC to the next level! The past week I took the new format for a test run and so far so good!


The new format.


(You can find more info here)

I have been brainstorming with Jason a lot recently and we both have big plans for the gym in the coming months and this will be a big step towards the growth of the gym.

One of the obvious things about SDSC is that it is a small gym and we like to personalise the classes for each person as much as possible. Obviously this will never be the same as personal training but I think we get damn close and with the group atmosphere and camaraderie we probably exceed PT results.



I strive to make the sessions the best part of everyones day and make sure everyone receives personal coaching and individualised advice and attention per class and with this new format I think it will ensure a more precise service and more measurable progress going forward.

If anyone has any questions at all about the new class format, ask in class or send me an email and I will be happy to answer questions.



author: Dave