Home Conditioning Workout

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Here is a home workout to get stuck into…

The plan here is to perform an exercise for 30 seconds, rest 30 seconds and move onto the next. There are 3 exercises per block and each block should be performed 4 times. This will translate to 12 minutes per block.

As this is intended to be aerobic in nature, the goal for each set – and each block, is to keep things sustainable. The amount of repetitions per set should be roughly the same. We are not looking to sprint out of the gates and crawl over the finish line. The sets should be repeatable.

This is an aerobic power workout – so it should be challenging but again, repeatable – the last round should feel like work but there should be no risk of stopping short. When consistency is the target, it does not mean complete just 5 thrusters per round and saunter through the workout but instead trying to do as many repetitions as possible, consistently for the 30 seconds. Over time as our power output improves, the aim is to perform more reps per 30 seconds.

2 blocks is a good start but for folks that have a bigger engine, you can add on a 3rd block. Don’t get greedy either – if you are tired and start round 3 and your output is significantly diminished, shut it down.

The workout is as follows…

Block 1 (4 rounds) :

Goblet Thruster x 30sec / 30sec rest
Topside 1/2 Moons x 30sec / 30sec rest
FLR x 30sec / 30sec rest

+ 4mins rest +

Block 2 (4 rounds) :

Switch Lunges x 30sec / 30sec rest
KB Swing x 30sec / 30sec rest
Reverse Plank x 30sec / 30sec rest

  • there are bodyweight alternatives in the video.

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