Class times for the coming week

By Dave 0

Just a quick heads up folks, as some of you know, Conor is getting married tomorrow in Connemara and I will be heading West to celebrate with him. Ross will be minding the for while I’m away. The class times for the next 10 days are as follows…

Fri 26th 6-7 o’clock

Sat 27th 12-1 o’clock

Mon 29th 7-8 o’clock and 8-9 o’clock

Tue 30th 7-8 o’clock

Wed 1st 7-8 o’clock and 8-9 o’clock

Thu 2nd 6-7 o’clock

Fri 3rd 6-7 o’clock

Sat 4th 12-1 o’clock

Mon 6th Closed for the bank holiday


So basically it is all the same except for Tue 30th 7-8 o’clock  and Thu 2nd 6-7 o’clock.

Dont wreck the place while I’m gone!

author: Dave