Change to the Timetable – Jan 2013

By Dave 0

A quick heads up that there are a few immediate changes to the timetable, as there will be a few changes to the running of the gym in the coming months.

Here at SDSC our aim is to provide the best coaching possible and most importantly serve all of our members and help them achieve their goals. This is one thing that we have always tried to pride ourselves on at the gym – knowing EACH and everyone of our clients and their goals.

The coming changes will further improve your experience in the gym, allowing us to serve all of you guys (and new, dedicated members) as best as possible. We want to grow as coaches and for the gym to grow but still meet your individual needs.

Now for the changes. First up, the Strength Classes will be put on hold for the time being. They will most likely be re-introduced in 6 week blocks and people attending these sessions will be encouraged to train solely in these classes so as to maximise gains (although this wont be mandatory). The reason being is that attendees results can be measured more precisely and programming will purely focus getting  numbers up in the big lifts. There will be some more additions to these classes too which will be announced nearer to them starting.

Secondly, the classes on Tuesday will be brought forward one hour. Both classes will be mixed levels for a trial period. There will be a class at 6 o’clock and a class at 7 o’clock. If you previously attended the class at 8, you can come to the class at 6, again, both classes will be suitable for all levels.

Here is a link to the new timetable

author: Dave