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Meal Prep – Arnoldas

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I am sure most of you have heard of the term ‘’Meal Prep’’ before – some of you may have even undertaken such prep work in the past or others may do so on a regular basis. The purpose of this post is to look a little bit deeper into what ‘’Meal Prep’’ really is and why people should be doing i...


Maintaining Fat Loss Long Term

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Yea that was a clickbait headline. I wanted to call it The Effects of NEAT on Metabolism but needed to clarify a few things along the way…   The World Health Organisation’s (WHO) website shows alarming rises in the rates of obesity since 1980. The WHO recommendations around partaking in d...


Body fat percentage and caliper readings

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Recently, members in the gym took part in a body composition challenge – I loathe these challenges for numerous reasons but members lap them up and over the years I have set the tone of the challenge as being a spring board to implement realistic and sustainable changes over the LONG TERM with the a...