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Dominick Cruz interview

By: Dave0

As someone that finds themselves sitting in traffic for hours during the week, I don’t listen to podcasts nearly enough. One podcast that I do listen to occasionally – mainly due to the diverse range of guests on the show is the Joe Rogan podcast. In a recent podcast he was interviewing...


Personal Trainer Collective Conference Review

By: Dave0

So I am just back from a weekend in the UK, where Jason, Sarah and myself attended the 2016 Personal Trainer Collective Conference. What initially piqued my interest in this conference was not only the broad range of topics being discussed but also the calibre of professionals that were delivering t...


Go with your gut

By: Dave0

As with most posts, this was originally intended to be a quick facebook status update but once I started typing I couldn’t stop. Don’t let the title fool you into thinking this article is about your digestive health, I’ll leave that topic for another day. Occasionally I get gym owners co...