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South Dublin Strength and Conditioning was founded in 2010 and is a constantly evolving, progressive training facility located in Harold’s Cross, Dublin.

Our aim is to help you achieve your goals, whether it is on the field, in the ring, on the court or just being able to excel at everyday tasks. We take pride in our service, constantly looking to improve and believe in building a strong foundation, both in physical capacities and mental fortitude.

We achieve this using various training methodologies and modalities, which are designed to get the most out of everyone that comes through the doors here at SDSC. Methods ranging from barbell training, bodyweight movements, gymnastics, kettlebell training, olympic lifting.

We are proud to be different to your standard gym. We are open to ALL levels. You will not find an elitist attitude or any egos in our community. No one will be judged on their ability, only on the effort and attitude that they bring to the gym.

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Since joining the gym I have gone on a different path. I’ve been looking after myself both physically and mentally in a way I’ve never done before and as a result I’ve really managed to achieve a lot of things. I do honestly think joining SDSC was the start of it all…It gave me a belief in myself.


I have been performing much better on the pitch recently. I am feeling fitter, stronger and totally on point. I have no doubt it is due to the hours put in at the gym. I really appreciate the work and patience Dave puts in it is all paying off in spades!


An avid GAA player I was devastated when injury caused me to hang up my boots much earlier than I had hoped. Joining SDSC was one of the best things I have done. Dave tailored every exercise to ensure I got strong without aggravating my old injuries. Prior to joining the gym, I could not squat my own body weight without having pain but within a few months I was squatting 70 kg pain free. SDSC not only improved by physical health but also gave me back the thing I missed most about GAA, that sense of training with your friends and having fun. I had tried joining commercial gyms after I finished GAA but I never continued with them. For me, the most important thing is to enjoy your training and look forward to going to the gym and that shone true in SDSC. I also recently had a baby and I'm 100% sure the strength I gained while training with Dave ensured I was able to stay fit during pregnancy and recover well after it. I cannot recommend this gym highly enough.


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Some Hip and Core work to finish Dave’s session this morning 🥊

We performed these as a mini circuit, looking to keep the hip flexors working as we brought in abdominal and oblique work.

Taking the new squat wedges for a spin 😮‍💨 ...

Band Alphabets.

A solid core (and IQ) test…

Team Tuesday (I’ll get the aspect ratio / camera angles right eventually 🤦🏼‍♂️)

3 x 10min blocks
; 5min rest

2 ergs going at the same time and accumulating max meters 🚀

Always a fun day at the office…

Those 10 rep sets hit different…

We are into week 2 of the hypertrophy block (feels like week 6, I know).

In terms of progressions on the main lift, we are looking at an increase in reps.

Generally (almost always) we look at increasing weight as the main avenue for progression but right now we are looking at more volume.

Bon appetite 👌🏻😅

For me, this is something that I have noticed more and more since coming out of the numerous covid lockdowns - peoples increased use of mobile phones (creating more distraction and less engagement in the training).

One of the main ‘pivots’ and changes here while we were opening and closing through the lockdowns was that I had EVERY member on the Truecoach app with more or less individual programs.

I genuinely felt like this was the way forward and no other small gym in Dublin was offering such a tailored service but soon after implementing this I noticed a serious drawback…

People were glued to their phones and not really interacting at all with people around them or were just going through the motions on workouts. As they were checking the workout on TrueCoach, they would have a quick look at the Instagram timeline or work emails. I felt that folks were becoming more isolated from the group and the gym atmosphere / culture was wilting.

This led me to scrapping the above system and returning to a smaller format of what we previously offered - capped class sizes with templates that can be tailored and moving people away from TrueCoach and their phones.

At its worst point, the exercises became rest periods between sets of social media 🙈

Thankfully we are back to where we were and still managing to individualise the sessions more so than most group offerings but I would still encourage newer folks to park the phones unless it’s necessary and engage with the coaches, fellow members and the workouts themselves in order to get the most out of your training 👌🏻

A snap shot of Team Tuesday (no stories this week cause I had to join in 🥴)

20min window…
4km row & in remaining time -> max meters bike
/5min break/
20min window…
4km ski & in remaining time -> max meters bike

Score = total bike meters 🚀

Don’t fall into the common trap of searching for a perfect answer or waiting for a perfect time, when simply ‘doing’ is the most appropriate solution.


The boys doing some training for Team Tuesday… ...

‘The quicker you go, the faster it ends’ - Coach @nealisdeadly

We think he’s talking about rowing…

2023’s Tour de Skierg kicks off in the gym today. 1 week to upload your best 5k time…

We usually get a good showing in this and I know Neal has posted up info on the Facebook group too.

Chat to either of us in class for more info!

I always start this with the instruction of ‘take it at your own pace lads’ - and it quickly descends into a p*ssing contest 🙈🤣

Nice to know the competitive edge gets sharper / less subtle with age 🤣

Team Tuesday. You won’t be long getting warm. Or burning your lungs 🔥 ...

Nearly missed the opportunity for that Blue Monday post! 💙⏳ ...

Quality over quantity…

Its common at this time of year for gym owners to start announcing that they are almost at capacity and to act fast to purchase a spot asap!

I have thought about doing the same - in truth, we could squeeze in some more members but in all honesty I am good with the current crop and the gang we have here now. I am in no rush to set up more assessments or consultations for the next couple of weeks.

In the past I have honestly struggled at times with a large influx of new members at this time of year and it can be down to luck in terms of who is coming in, managing different personalities and hoping everyone settles.

It has been a busy start to the year and I was only thinking (and without trying to jinx anything) that we have been extremely lucky with the current batch of new recruits.

Almost all of them have been referrals - and although that has not necessarily been a guarantee of results or being a good fit in the past, the new batch have really gelled with the current crew and have added to the enjoyment of coaching for me this week.

For whatever reason, 2022 came with a fair amount of friction with all sorts of strange scenarios cropping up in terms of inquiries but (I know its early days) 2023 has been great so far!

So basically I just want to take this moment to say I am a big fan of the current batch of new members and extremely grateful for our regulars in helping them settle in and feel like a part of the gang already - that in particular has been very much noticed (and appreciated) by myself and the other coaches!

I know it is early days but 2023 is already looking like it will be a good year!