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South Dublin Strength and Conditioning was founded in 2010 and is a constantly evolving, progressive training facility located in Harold’s Cross, Dublin.

Our aim is to help you achieve your goals, whether it is on the field, in the ring, on the court or just being able to excel at everyday tasks. We take pride in our service, constantly looking to improve and believe in building a strong foundation, both in physical capacities and mental fortitude.

We achieve this using various training methodologies and modalities, which are designed to get the most out of everyone that comes through the doors here at SDSC. Methods ranging from barbell training, bodyweight movements, gymnastics, kettlebell training, olympic lifting.

We are proud to be different to your standard gym. We are open to ALL levels. You will not find an elitist attitude or any egos in our community. No one will be judged on their ability, only on the effort and attitude that they bring to the gym.

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Since joining the gym I have gone on a different path. I’ve been looking after myself both physically and mentally in a way I’ve never done before and as a result I’ve really managed to achieve a lot of things. I do honestly think joining SDSC was the start of it all…It gave me a belief in myself.


I have been performing much better on the pitch recently. I am feeling fitter, stronger and totally on point. I have no doubt it is due to the hours put in at the gym. I really appreciate the work and patience Dave puts in it is all paying off in spades!


An avid GAA player I was devastated when injury caused me to hang up my boots much earlier than I had hoped. Joining SDSC was one of the best things I have done. Dave tailored every exercise to ensure I got strong without aggravating my old injuries. Prior to joining the gym, I could not squat my own body weight without having pain but within a few months I was squatting 70 kg pain free. SDSC not only improved by physical health but also gave me back the thing I missed most about GAA, that sense of training with your friends and having fun. I had tried joining commercial gyms after I finished GAA but I never continued with them. For me, the most important thing is to enjoy your training and look forward to going to the gym and that shone true in SDSC. I also recently had a baby and I'm 100% sure the strength I gained while training with Dave ensured I was able to stay fit during pregnancy and recover well after it. I cannot recommend this gym highly enough.


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Team Tuesday. It can be fun. Sometimes.

6 o’clock this evening 🚀

Busy Bank Holiday sessions at HQ 💪🏻 ...

BIG seminar news 🚨

We love an erg seminar here and we are delighted to announce @hall_strength will be here on Tuesday 25th of June!

Tickets are on sale now - link in bio. There has been plenty of interest amongst members already and this is sure to be a sell out. Might try get a sneaky Team Tuesday session in after 👀

On to a new block tomorrow! It will be a squat focus for the next 4 weeks, similar to the bench block…

a medium intensity / higher volume day,
a lower intensity / lower volume day,
a higher intensity / lower volume day
(and a day 4 accessory day)

Like the bench focus, it is a great opportunity to work on the squat and looking forward to seeing folks level up in the coming weeks.

…And I couldn’t face another week of the badger work on not seeing folks able to count to 5 😭

We have ALL levels training here - Cathal is one of our longer term members (7 years) and not only is he a great example of consistent training and always brings a great attitude to training, he is constantly on hand to help out with newer members too.

Regardless of ability, one of our core philosophies is not to become elitist about anything when it comes to training. We welcome beginners and love to see people push outside of their comfort zones, regardless of what point that is at, and start to surprise themselves in what they can do with the right support 💪🏻

The lads 💪🏻

Training is only truly enjoyable (and worthwhile) when it involves surmounting physical challenges. Scaling things to the point of being sterile, benefits no one. And you can’t talk shite to each other if everyone is a winner 👀😂

Testing at the end of the current bench block 🚀

Big improvements from everyone - especially in the past 2 weeks where the plan started to click and come together. Lots of great lifts and lessons from the last 4 weeks that we can take into the next block 💪🏻

I have to say the energy in the place was great the last week or so with the changes to the gym and everyone supporting and encouraging each other at the end of this block as well. I love seeing the progress everyone is making (not just in benching) and I’m excited for the coming months 🙌🏻

Those post 500m time trial feels 😅 ...

Team Tuesday, 6 o’clock, it’s great craic 👍🏻 ...

Team Tuesday. Organised chaos.

See you at 6 o’clock 🕺

Not long till the fight for @dave_the_rave98 🥊

Threshold Training session and finished with some hip / core work 🔨 🔨 🔨

It’s that time of the year again! January is gone and Tour de Skierg starts today! Make sure to have your @concept2inc logbook set up and ErgData app downloaded in order to get on the leaderboard.

This week is the 5k ! You have until the 7th to get it done (and have multiple attempts if needed…)

Busy sessions to start the week, a solid start to the year… Indoor rowing championships done, January body composition challenge almost done and Tour de Skierg around the corner. Let’s keep the momentum going 🚀 ...

A big part of our success on the ergs is down to the time spent working on technique on Thursdays with Coach @nealisdeadly

This class is a lower intensity than Team Tuesday and a chance to build a base on each machine, looking at rates, splits and strategies. Suitable for ALL levels 👌🏻