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South Dublin Strength and Conditioning was founded in 2010 and is a constantly evolving, progressive training facility located in Harold’s Cross, Dublin.

Our aim is to help you achieve your goals, whether it is on the field, in the ring, on the court or just being able to excel at everyday tasks. We take pride in our service, constantly looking to improve and believe in building a strong foundation, both in physical capacities and mental fortitude.

We achieve this using various training methodologies and modalities, which are designed to get the most out of everyone that comes through the doors here at SDSC. Methods ranging from barbell training, bodyweight movements, gymnastics, kettlebell training, olympic lifting.

We are proud to be different to your standard gym. We are open to ALL levels. You will not find an elitist attitude or any egos in our community. No one will be judged on their ability, only on the effort and attitude that they bring to the gym.

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Since joining the gym I have gone on a different path. I’ve been looking after myself both physically and mentally in a way I’ve never done before and as a result I’ve really managed to achieve a lot of things. I do honestly think joining SDSC was the start of it all…It gave me a belief in myself.


I have been performing much better on the pitch recently. I am feeling fitter, stronger and totally on point. I have no doubt it is due to the hours put in at the gym. I really appreciate the work and patience Dave puts in it is all paying off in spades!


An avid GAA player I was devastated when injury caused me to hang up my boots much earlier than I had hoped. Joining SDSC was one of the best things I have done. Dave tailored every exercise to ensure I got strong without aggravating my old injuries. Prior to joining the gym, I could not squat my own body weight without having pain but within a few months I was squatting 70 kg pain free. SDSC not only improved by physical health but also gave me back the thing I missed most about GAA, that sense of training with your friends and having fun. I had tried joining commercial gyms after I finished GAA but I never continued with them. For me, the most important thing is to enjoy your training and look forward to going to the gym and that shone true in SDSC. I also recently had a baby and I'm 100% sure the strength I gained while training with Dave ensured I was able to stay fit during pregnancy and recover well after it. I cannot recommend this gym highly enough.


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Getting out of my own way…

This really hit me again last week as I was coaching the deadlift. I had a relatively new member (not pictured here!) in and they were doing good - I was tempted to change a few things on the set up or talk more about bracing but then I stopped myself.

The person was moving well and with a weight they were unlikely to hurt themselves with. I figured it was better to let them get a feel for the lift and practice without getting in their way and over complicate things too soon (or ideally at all!).

I always strive to use the most concise coaching point or cue and that can depend entirely on the individual - whether they are visual (demo), auditory (spoken) or kinesthetic (touch) learners. Different cues will be more effective for different people.

It is very tempting to display knowledge and look to convey value by ‘over-coaching’ or leaning into the complex but true knowledge is distilling expertise in ‘layman’s’ terms - much like training, using the minimal effective dose for the maximum response.

The middle ground can also be the most treacherous… non-beginners who have ideas of being advanced in their own journey and looking for the coach to dispense advanced ‘tips’ when really, it is all about mastering the basics.

I notice particularly when I am tired, I tend to coach more than I need to. Maybe this is a way of over-compensating for diminishing energy levels but this often makes things worse and the experience for the member more convoluted and confusing.

I always joke about having a talent for making things more complicated than they need to be (in all areas of life) but often times, less is more. Unless it’s money in the bank…

18 1

🎄🎄🎄🎄 Workout 4

Classic Mikko’s Triangle 🔺
🚣‍♀️ ⛷ 🚴

Scoring (total cals)…

Men 5 pts: > 525
Men 3 pts: > 475
Men 1 pts: < 475

Women 5 pts: > 360
Women 3 pts: > 320
Women 1 pts: < 320

6 5

Coach @nealisdeadly running through the gamut of emotions while giving the second Christmas workout a go - an 11:44 total time 👏🏻 ...

23 4

🎄🎄🎄 Workout 3 🎄🎄🎄


5pts: men >135 cals | women >100 cals

3pts: men >120 cals | women >80cals

1pt: men <120 cals | women <80 cals

7 0

🎄🎄 workout 2 🎄🎄

This will be scored on total time taken to complete - so no rowing at 3 strokes a minute 👀

8 1

🎄 Workout 1 🎄

It’s that time of the year again! Here’s the first workout…

Every 5th minute (for 10 rounds)

2000m for men / 1600m for women

Set the damper at 1 and increase by 1 each round. There will be scoring for total time cycled…

11 2

A general list on the ‘low hanging fruit’ and riskier options when it comes to planning a robust strategy which will thrive in and not be broken down by the chaotic nature of life.

A link to the article is in the bio.

This is my own slant on the above but this line of thought and many others that I have are influenced by…

21 0

That time of the year again when people are on the road, whether it is social or work commitments…

We have a bunch of members away from the gym at the minute but they are up and running on and getting the work in … hotel gyms, commercial gyms, bodyweight home workouts… 💪🏻

There are always options to get work done and we are on hand to help

18 0

Chin up progressions…

When we get to a point where 10+ bodyweight chins are achievable, we introduce weighted chins (and weighted clusters).

Starting out we use variations such as hangs, scap chin ups, negatives, partial reps and bodyweight clusters.

You may have noticed a severe lack of resistance bands there. In all my years of coaching (19 - but I had access to a graviton machine for some of them so bands were never a consideration), I have only seen banded chin ups make people better at… banded chin ups.

The secret is consistent practice (body composition aside) and progress can be slow. It’s not great on the ego initially but most worthwhile endeavours tend to be like that…

16 0

A 45 minute drive on the death trap that is the m50 to get to my own training this morning… (pic taken while I was stopped at traffic lights off the m50…) and now another 40 minute drive to work.

If a bit of rain or cold is a good enough reason not to head to the gym then you need to find yourself a new ‘why’

15 0

Sarah well into her pregnancy and still training consistently 💪🏻

Modifying the squats and adding in hand supported safety bar squats to ease up on axial loading and more core support.

34 0

It’s not all safety bar split squats (but it kind of is…) some of the accessory work today with @dave_the_rave98 … anti-rotation work and cross body bracing.

A couple of weeks out from game day and looking sharper each week 🥊 🚀

21 2

The lads getting competitive over planks with pull-throughs… you love to see it 🤣 ...

12 0

Unreal Team Tuesday session this evening!

Absolutely brutal workout but so good to have this many down all bursting a gut for each other.

There were many times over the last couple of years where I wondered if we’d get to do this again 🙈

Team Tuesdays are back, nastier than ever but a highlight of the week for me! ❤️🚀

54 0

Some Squatober PR’s 🚀

I managed to miss a lot of the PRs this year but great lifting from everyone and big improvements across the board 👏🏻

23 1

Another quality Team Tuesday in the books 🚀

A coach @nealisdeadly special…

8000m Row Relay.
* after every row effort you must perform a 20sec sprint on the Bikeerg.

Score is total meters on the Bikeerg. Workout is over when one team finishes 8000m first.

32 1